There are 4 simple steps to secure transactions with our Remitly partner. You can easily pay by credit card and bank, all transactions are completely secured by Remitly. Start paying now!

STEP 1: You send the payment to an intermediary account authorized by Remitly.
Please copy the exact Remitly intermediary account information below, if you use the Remitly app on your phone, please check the information carefully before sending the payment.

Remitly intermediary account information.

Family nameMiddle nameGiven nameMobile phone numberDelivery methodDelivery method
(+84) 0394517833
Mobile Money

STEP 2: Remitly will notify us to approve your order and begin shipping. (Usually orders will be approved within a few hours).


STEP 3: We will process your order ready to ship, you will receive your order tracking number within 2 business days as soon as your order has shipped.


FINAL: Remitly will send you an email asking you about your order, if you have received your order tracking number and are satisfied with the service quality Remitly will release the payment, you can also ask Remitly to hold the payment until when you receive the goods.