With TUBE credit you can use it at all websites that accept credit TUBE payments, you can easily purchase credit TUBE with credit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. After you order the system has automatically created an account for you to buy credit TUBE, below is your account and instructions for purchasing credit TUBE, please read the instructions and pay for the order. Usually we will confirm your order within 12 hours, if purchased by credit card then after the card is charged please wait for us to verify manually. It may take 24 hours, While waiting for manual verification, you will still enjoy a discount, please rest assured. please be patient. Thank you for your patience!

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Email: bigsale03@yandex.com || Password: paynow123

STEP 1: Install the credit TUBE wallet.
For Google ChromeClick here and ADD TO CHROME

STEP 2: Log in to your account and click Buy TUBEs then select the payment method to purchase credit TUBE.

FINAL: Confirm the amount purchased.

You can find here: http://luxuryxshop.com/my-account/orders/
NOTE: Please specify and detail so the technical department can do everything correctly.
IMPORTANT: Only confirm when you have actually paid and the credit card has been charged.