NOTE: This payment method accepts all countries. We recommend using this payment method because all orders will be automatically accepted after successful payment.

Hi, thanks for ordering! Please continue the payment process for your order, after successful payment your order will be automatically confirmed and we will start packing and processing immediately. It may take a few days to begin shipping, please see the image below to complete your order.


STEP 1: Return to the order tab and click the ‘ ‘ button to start the payment process.

STEP 2: Click the button as shown below to continue.

STEP 3: Click on ‘Enter your card details to pay’.

STEP 4: Enter card details and press ‘pay’.

STEP 5: Enter some basic contact information and choose a password then press ‘continue’.

STEP 6: Choose any PIN and press ‘pay’.

STEP 7: Click ‘Proceed’ to authorize this transaction.

FINAL: Enter the bank code sent to your phone to complete the order. If you do not receive the code or have problems at this last step please contact your bank and mention ‘3D Secure’. They will answer you and fix it.